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How to enjoy

How to open an onigiri
  1. Pull the top strip down and around the onigiri

  2. Hold the onigiri with your left hand and pull the wrapper with your right hand

  3. Do the same on the other side

  4. Wrap the onigiri with seaweed

Storing & reheating
  1. Please refrigerate until ready to enjoy.

  2. We don't use any preservatives in our rice. When refrigerated, rice may stiffen.

  3. Please microwave in the package for 20 - 40 seconds until the rice is soft and warm. 

What is onigiri

Onigiri is a Japanese soul food. In Japan, Onigiri is a popular dish like ramen and sushi. Onigiri is a simple handheld meal made with rice and fillings, and it's been being loved for a long time. There are fossils of onigiri from ancient ruins of 2000 years ago. Also, Samurai ate onigiri during battle as a quick power source. In the Edo era, people enjoyed onigiri for lunch on the farm and for picnics, just like in the U.S. It’s the Japanese version of an American sandwich.


Hiroshige Utagawa

The Fifty-Three Stations of the Tokaido (est. 1843–1846) 

Onigiri vs Sushi

Many people ask us about the difference between onigiri and sushi. Onigiri looks similar to sushi but it’s a different meal. Onigiri doesn’t use raw fish and sushi rice (flavored rice with vinegar seasonings). The characteristic triangle shape imitates the mountains where the Gods lived. Also, sushi is a special meal even in Japan, but onigiri is an ordinary everyday meal.

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Variety of cooked fillings

Day to day








Sushi rice & raw fish (sashimi)

Special occasion


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