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Hi, future partner!

We are excited to share with you our Grab & Go ONIGIRI. It’s the perfect snack or light meal.


It’s handy, tasty and healthy!

A great option for any type of dietary preference.


Onigiri aka. Japanese Riceball 


You can find onigiri in any convenience store in Japan.

It's made with rice and various fillings like fish and vegetable pickles.


It's the best-selling product in Japanese convenience stores.




Onigiri at your store, school, office or coffee shop...

Great for any time of day, from AM to PM!

Vegan, pescatarian, or gluten-free, don’t worry we’ve got everyone covered!

Onigiri supports everyone's healthy lifestyle.


Think of onigiri as a canvas.

At its core, onigiri is really just rice, so it’s customizable. Almost every culture has a signature rice dish, which means we can incorporate those recipes into an onigiri, whether that’s Japanese, Indian, Mexican, or anything!


[Our flavors]

  • Creamy Tuna Mayo

  • Grilled Yuzu Salmon

  • Chilee Crisp Shrimp

  • Black Garlic & Miso Tofu

A decade ago, the concept of sushi on a supermarket shelf was unimaginable.

In 2015, US grocery store sushi sales topped $705 M, up nearly 30% from 2011.  

IMG_6300 (1).jpeg

We're looking forward to bringing the excellence of

the Japanese convenience store experience

in Chicago with you! Thank you!

*Since our onigiri is fresh deli product, currently we are only offering partnerships in the Chicago area.

But if you are interested, please request wholesale. We'll put you on our waitlist. Thank you!

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