Hi, I'm Yuta, the founder of the ONIGIRI SHUTTLE KORORIN. I was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. When I first came to Chicago two years ago, I wondered why there was no onigiri even though other traditional Japanese foods such as ramen and sushi were popular. Onigiri is one of my favorite Japanese foods and has vast potential. It's tasty, handy, and healthy!


I have pride in Japanese culture and food. I want to make Japanese cuisine more approachable and introduce an authentic cultural experience. So this summer, I'm bringing onigiri to you, here in Chicago. I hope you enjoy it! Let's make onigiri the next popular Japanese food in America.


KORORIN is named after a Japanese fairy tale, "Omusubi Kororin" (The Rolling Rice-balls). The story is about a nice old man who drops his onigiri and follows it down a hole into the mouse castle. He enjoyed a party with the mouse and then received a gift box filled with treasure. Learning what happened, a greedy old man tried the same; he intentionally dropped a lot of onigiris into the hole. After he reached the castle, he attempted to steal the mouse's fortunes by imitating the cat. However, the strategy failed, and the mouse punished him. 


It's a story about honesty and harmony. We won't be like the greedy old man. We value sustainability and fun. We hope people in Chicago will enjoy our onigiri and this will provide a little happiness in this challenging time.